Portraits and Places - Barb, Raymond and Lower Manhattan

First off, welcome to a blog thing that I made and hope to stick with. Not making any promises on how frequent these will be but, I'll try my hardest haha. 

I created a few "blog posts" on my VSCO Grid, but i think I'm going to start posting "Portraits and Places" blog posts here from now. 

Today started around noon, where I met up with an old friend named Raymond in SoHo. He's a really cool dude who gave me advice on how to freelance and motivate myself through my first year out of college. This is not why we hung out, but he just ended up giving me lots of advice (which I very much appreciated).

Raymond had to leave for two meetings. Let me tell you, this man is a busy freelancer! But I hope I can be on his level one day. 

After Raymond and I parted our ways, I decided to travel to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge to take a stroll down the walking path under the bridges. I was alone for a while, but sure enough I was able to make a new friend.

Caught this woman taking a selfie.

Caught this woman taking a selfie.


This is Barb (short for, you guessed it, Barbara). She asked me to take a photo of her next to the bridge and one thing led to another, I started asking her to pose for me. She was really sweet and I hope to see her again one day! 


With meeting Barb, so casually as it was, I want to challenge myself to meet as many new people as I can. I think it will not only enhance my ability to network but I think it will also lead to more interesting adventures!

Today was enjoyably warm summer day. I'm glad I got to see an old friend and make a new one. I hope that over the course of this summer, I can go out more, explore NY, and really capture life the way I see it. Catch ya on the flippity flop!

All photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 24-105mm f/4 Canon L lens.